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Price list


Classic Manicure $18
Nails are expertly shaped, cuticle tended, followed by hand and arm massage. Polish or buffing completes this delightful treatment
Spa Manicure $25
A Classic Manicure with added ingredients. Hands and arms are bathed in a softening mixture of dead sea salt glow and crystal activator finish with a moisturizer lotion that leaves your skin silky smooth and soft
Detox Manicure $40
Start with a hand soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliating sugar scrub and mask, hot towel wrap, hot stone neck and shoulder massage, and paraffin treatment. It helps to moisturize and remove dead skin and prevents dust and bacteria from getting in your pores.
Honey Cinnamon Manicure $40
Relieve tension in your hand muscles and joints without moisturizing paraffin treatment, complete with hand soak, cuticle work, hot towel wrap. Followed by 25 minutes of arms, hands and shoulder massage by hot stones. It helps in removing dead skin cells, bacteria and toxins from the skin.
Liquid Gold Manicure $45
Treat your hands to our healthy aging, skin loving therapy with caviar extract, champagne and gold shine. An Amber scented gold nectar hand soak and shimmering cane sugar exfoliation prepare your skin for our velvety fine gold mask. A generating, indulgent 10 minute hot stone massage followed by an application of our shimmering gold dry oil will leave your hands relaxed and silky.


Classic Pedicure $28
This treatment consists of an aromatic herbal footbath, nail shaping and cuticle attention, followed by a relaxing foot massage. Toe nails are polished to perfection.
Spa Pedicure $38
A classic Pedicure with added indulgences, feet and calves are gently exfoliated with a mixture of dead sea salt glow and crystal activator. Feet are then wrapped in warm towels to rehydrate the skin and reduce calluses. The treatment finishes with a relaxing and pleasing reflexology.
Ultimate Spa Pedicure $48
The ultimate in relaxation and serenity. Feet are soaked in our exclusive blends of herbal oils (selection of Green Tea, Mint, Lavender, Geranium Sage) followed by an exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells and reduce callused. A refreshing spearmint mask, tension-relief gel along with paraffin dip rejuvenates tired, aching feet. Completed with an extensive foot reflexology.
Special Treatment Organic Pedicure $60
Our best Pedicure includes Organic aroma-therapy sugar scrub with Fresh Aloe Vera mixed herbal mud mask, and paraffin wax. Your nail care also consists of cuticle and callus removal, relaxing hot towel wrap, 3 min. massage by hot stone with Organic Cream. Finished by your choice of polish. 60 minutes
Natural sugar suspended in certified organic oils create the base of our luxurious scrub for hands, feet and body. The sugar works to exfoliate dead cells from the skin, while our blend of precious Argan, Olive, Jojoba and Spearmint oils leave you velvety soft and glowing.
Aloe Vera helps with sunburn, acts as a moisturizer, treats acne, fights aging, lessens the visibility of stretch marks, soothes in periodontal disease, and aids in digestion.
Mandarin Orange extract acts a natural antiseptic that refines the skin and promotes skin cell turnover, revealing brighter, younger-looking skin. Mango’s antioxidant properties help nourish and protect the skin.
Lemongrass, a natural antiseptic and astringent, helps to eliminate toxins and bacteria from the skin while controlling oil production & minimizing the appearance of pores. Green Tea helps to reduce inflammation and redness.
Green Tea-Lemongrass, Mandarin-Mango*
Detox Pedicure $65
“A toxin is a poisonous substance that is a specific product of the metabolic activities of a living organism and is usually very unstable, notably toxic when introduced into the tissues, and typically capable of inducing antibody formation.” TOXIN IS HARMFUL MATTER! Stress & diet introduce toxins into your body that cause an electrical imbalance in your cells.
Honey Cinnamon Pedicure $65
This delightful, energizing rub exfoliates while it helps nourish and moisturize dehydrated skin. Your feet are bathed in an aroma sensation soak. Reshape nails, cuticles are groomed and conditioned, and callus removal. Followed by a thermal mud mask on your calves the wrapped with warm towels. Indulge your feet in a warm paraffin treatment. This is a perfect recipe for softer skin and for a vibrant healthy glow, followed by polish. 35 minutes of massage by hot stones included.
Liquid Gold Pedicure $75
Treat your feet to our healthy, aging, skin loving therapy with caviar, champagne and gold shine. An Amber scented gold nectar foot soak and sugar cane exfoliation prepare your skin for our fine gold foot mask.
A regenerating 10 minutes hot stone massage along with our shimmering gold oil will smooth skin in a feeling of decadent silky warmth all harvested from the healing powers of nature. Enjoy all of this while sipping on a complimentary glass of champagne.
Classic Mani-Pedi Combo $45
Spa Mani-Pedi Combo $60
Ultimate Spa Mani-Pedi Combo $80
Add Paraffin (Hands or Feet) $10-$12
Gel Manicure $40-$45


  New Re-fill
Acrylics $40 $30
Solar (Pink & White) $50 $40
Silk Wraps $50 $40
Liquid Gels $50 $40
Acrylic Removal $10  
Nails Fix $5  
Gel Polish Take Off $10  
Buff or Polish Change Hands $8  
Buff or Polish Change Feet $12  
French/American Polish $5+  
Paraffin (Hands/Feet) $10+  


(under 13)
Manicure $13
Pedicure $19
Manicure & Pedicure Combo $30
Polish Change for Hands & Feet $12


European Organic Facial (60 min.) $65
Using the freshest ingredients known to nature, skin is deep cleansed and gently exfoliated. A sensuous massage of the face, neck and collet followed by a soothing arm massage given white allowing the masks potencies to fully absorb into the skin.
Signature Organic Facial (75 min.) $90
In this ultimate VIP facial, skin is treated without mix of pear poppy. Seed Microderm Polish along with AHA Fruit Pulp Treatment to stimulate cellular renewal and brighten the complexion. (All steps of European Facial apply)
Teen Facial (60 min.) $60
Perfect introduction to skin care maintenance. The skin is analyzed for personalized individual skin care needs. The skin is then cleansed, lightly exfoliated, steamed and pampered with a custom mask. A neck, shoulder and hand massage complete the treatment.
Mini Maintenance Facial (45 min.) $50
Ideal whenever you are in a hurry or as a follow-up mini treatment. This intensive quick facial provides your skin with intensive hydration giving it a fresh and youthful complexion.
Gentleman’s Escape Facial (60 min.) $65
This mini-escape just for men is designed to improve skin texture and eliminate ashen skin. The escape begins with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension. Next, face and neck are cleaned and toned to improve skin appearance. It’s a relaxing pampering relaxing treatment any man will love.


New set $120
Refill $50 & up
Remove $40


Swedish Massage (60 min.) $60
A traditional European style full body, massage to improve muscular relaxation, stimulates circulation and release tension through gently manipulation. This massage promotes deep relaxation, inner peace and overall well-being.
Deep Tissue Massage (60 min.) $75
Designed to ease areas of muscle soreness and tension. It incorporates all of the elements of Swedish with increased intensity for relieving impaired muscle function. Those who are chronically stressed, highly competitive or very physical will enjoy the extra attention.
Serenity Stone Massage (60 min.) $80
The healing energy of stone combined with traditional hand massage techniques goes beyond the physical experience of typical massage and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation and overall well-being. You’ll experience complete peacefulness and deep relaxation.
Foot Reflexology (40 min.) $40
A special massage technique carried out on your feet to correspond to specific areas of the body. Combined with gentle massage movements, it reduces stress and tension restoring the natural flow of energy in the body. Completed with a buff or polish for the toes.
Neck and Shoulder’s $1/min.
Give yourself a “pampering” on the neck and shoulder while getting your nails done. It’s a de-stressing experience.


Brow $12
Lip $10
Chin $10
Side Burns $10
Face (Brow, Lip, Chin, Cheek) $40
Bikini $30 & up
Half Leg $40 & up
Full Leg $60
Arms (Hands included) $30
Under Arms $15
Back $40
Chest $40
Eyelash Tinting $20

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